Moon Family FAQ #7 - How To Best Use My Moon Bottle’s Temperature Regulation

Thanks to the ingenuity of double-walled insulation, your MB can keep beverages refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours. We suggest filling your vessel with chilled water from the fridge or pouring in tap water then adding some ice-cubes to cool it down. 

You could even add some flavoured ice-cubes to the mix. We’re thinking, lemon, cucumber or berry cubes would be nicely refreshing?  

When you use your Moon Bottle to keep liquid hot for up to 12 hours, we suggest filling the bottle with boiling water to rinse it out. Maybe you can re-use the previous contents to feed your plants or something similar? Anywho, washing the inside of your bottle with boiling water beforehand will heat it inside for maximum efficiency. Then you can add your hot beverage and know it’s going to be warmly waiting for you for most of the day. 

Quick one for the sticklers; please note that the 24 hour hot and 12 hour cold features are based on proper cold water and boiling hot water being used. These timings may vary slightly depending on the beverage and how often the bottle is opened.

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