Moon pledge to do more for our environment through carbon reduction and tree planting offset projects. We are committed to educate and reduce the need for single-use plastics and promote a reusable lifestyle. 

We pledge to encourage community projects which create a positive environmental impact and are working to reduce Moon Reusable's own carbon footprint. 


Every person who switches to a Moon Bottle prevents roughly 156 plastic bottles from being thrown away each year. We're proud of this work, but can always do more. We consider it our lifelong task to find new ways to care for our Mother Earth. 

Moon has partnered with eco-initiative Verdn which attaches environmental benefits to every product you purchase. For each Moon lunch bag sold, five mangrove trees are planted in Madagascar, Mozambique or Kenya. These trees provide crucial income to villagers who rely on the land for food and shelter. They also rebuild ecosystems by restoring sea-life habitats and reducing greenhouse gasses. 

More recently, we partnered with ClimatePartner to measure the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of the trusty Moon Bottle and Travel Mug. In doing so, we’ve been able to set long term targets in reducing these product’s overall carbon footprint and offsetting any unavoidable CO2 by supporting a certified climate action project. 

This ‘carbon neutral’ label enables you, our loyal mooner to learn more about the project we invest in and our commitment to being as transparent as possible regarding the bottle’s carbon neutrality. You can learn more about this here. 


  • We plant five trees on your behalf whenever a Moon lunch bag is purchased. This is estimated to remove 61.5kg of CO2 annually. 
  • We support a UN supported climate action project certified according to international standards. You can view this project here.
  • The Moon bottle is an Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly product. 
  • We use manufacturers who pass internationally approved standards, including ISO900, LFGB and FDA certification as well as undergoing Sedex and BSCI audits to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for employees. 
  • Moon contributes to small, local charities on an ongoing basis. We have donated over 500 bottles to schools, businesses and non-profit organisations. 
  • We use high-quality materials and all products are backed with a lifetime guarantee. This reduces waste by encouraging people to buy for life. 
  • We send 100% fully compostable mailer bags with personalised Moon bottle orders.
  • We use 100% recyclable mailer bags with standard Moon bottles, lunch bags and accessories ordered through our website. 
  • Alongside Amazon, we donate Moon bottles to selected charities as part of the FBA donations programme.
  • Moon dedicates its online channels to reusable living. We do this through engaging the community and sharing posts to inspire simple daily changes as well as educating on environmental issues.


We’re passionate about our online community. It’s where we share creative ideas with like-minded people and are inspired to create positive change. We aim to build this space into a powerful resource, making it easy for anyone to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle.


As part of our promise to be better, we're formulating a Carbon Management Plan with the intent to reduce our overall carbon emissions. We know the Product Carbon Footprint of the Moon bottle and are strategising ways we can further reduce emissions. 


  • Implement a Carbon Management Plan with a three-year strategy to minimise our product’s carbon footprint and offset remaining emissions through credible projects.
  • Calculate the Product Carbon Footprint of the Moon Lunch Bag.
  • Measure fossil fuel use during the manufacturing process and work towards finding a more sustainable source of production. Our factory currently uses renewable energy for its electrical source so we are working together in other ways to make production more sustainable. 
  • Work with environmentally responsible shipping companies. 
  • Replace the biodegradable inner bags of the Moon bottle with something compostable. 
  • Commit to sourcing 100% recycled materials to make Moon bottles, lunch bags and packaging. 
  • Continue to release products that replace single-use plastics, contain no toxic chemicals and are built to last a lifetime. 

Moon is always looking for ways to improve and share the results with our community. As part of this process, we encourage feedback and open communication. If you've noticed something we've missed or can suggest an exciting new initiative, please feel free to contact us here.