More Ways Than One - How You Can Use The Moon Lunch Bag

Not to brag, but I spent a long time tinkering with our latest product. You see, I didn't want to just release another "thing" into the world for people to buy. 

Moon's ethos is to craft products that people, like ourselves, actually find useful. I want to make it easier to do the right thing and live an eco-friendly lifestyle - not more difficult with another unused product taking up garage space!  

Simply put, if I can make something that we genuinely love, then I've done my part. On that note, and rant aside, here are some of the ways we've heard of people using our insulated bags in their daily lives. 

I, personally, cart the Moon bag around when transporting my son’s lunch. I pop an ice-pack in the inner sleeve, stuff a bib and spoon in the outside pocket, grab his lunch (of course) and finally, fit some bonus snacks for a hungry Mumma, then we're good to go. The ice pack just keeps things that little bit cooler and they're pretty cheap to pick up from a supermarket, camping shop or discount retailer. 

Another key way to use the Moon lunch bag is to take your food to work. You can transport your meal in style with a variety of colours and protect it against the elements while you do it. If you're in a country that's sadly still in lockdown or you work from home, you can bring your lunch fix when out for a walk or during an outdoor break.

The Moon tote also makes for a nice picnic companion. It's particularly useful for carting around things you want to keep chilled - tasty cheese, dips, deli treats and perhaps a sneaky G&T. You'll be a big winner at your next gathering with everyone no doubt asking where you got the ingenious little item. 

I’ve also found the insulated bag handy for transporting those extra grocery items I forget about during my ‘big shop’. For example, fresh fish (packed into a plastic container) or a pint of milk can fit inside. If I’m out on a walk, I know I have about an hour or so to get home to put the items in the fridge. This beats putting meat in your backpack or risking letting it warm up in a plastic bag for sure.

What do you use your Moon Lunch Bag for? Get in touch or share your ideas below. Would love to add these to our list!!

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