On The Go: Here’s How To Travel With Your Water Bottle

Remember travel, that activity you did before the whole pandemic thing took over?

We miss it as much as you do.

Here at Moon Reusable, we figured that while you’re day-dreaming about your next vacation or city commute, we’d share some nifty advice on where your MB can go.

Hopefully with this in mind, you won’t get caught out and find yourself buying one of those nefarious plastic options.

Best travel water bottle for all trips. 

Short trips

The double-walled insulated liner of your moon stainless steel bottle is designed to keep your contents chilly for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12. 

  • To and from work - Take your warm beverage with you to enjoy on your way to work or to school.
  • Car outings - Moon Bottles fits nicely in the cup holder of your vehicle. If you leave your insulated bottle inside and it’s a hot day, you can be relieved to know the contents will remain cool after a couple of hours. No one, and we mean no one, likes tepid water! 
  • Fits nicely into the side of your backpack for sips of water/juice/whatever to and from work/school. 
  • Short/day hikes - Being dehydrated in nature is bad news! 
  • Outings to the beach - When it's boiling out, it’s reassuring to know your Moon Bottle will always keep you refreshed with a lovely chilled beverage inside.

 Long Trips

It’s always key to stay nicely hydrated during a long expedition, especially when flying. 

  • Moon Insulated Bottles are safe to take on any flights. Just make sure you check if you’re allowed to take your own water through security. We wouldn’t want your MB to end up sitting sadly in the rubbish! 

  • It's recommended to take H2O only and fill up just before you board. This is far cheaper than buying overpriced bottles over the counter.

  • Overnight camping/hike trips - Chilled milk for brekky or tea/coffee the next day. Perfect. 
  • No leaky baggage! Moon Bottles (stainless steel and all) make sturdy travel companions.

What do you use your Moon Bottle for? Share your suggestions with us, we'd love to hear about them!!

Our Moon mission is to promote the use of reusable products to help improve the health of the planet and everyone on it. You can join the reusable revolution by purchasing a Moon Reusable product here


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