Travel Mug FAQ – How to Choose the Correct Lid.

Being a lover of warm beverages and often out and about with my toddler, having a hot brew to sip from certainly comes in handy. The fact my warm coffee will stay warm for hours is also reassuring, as goodness knows when I’d get a chance to drink it. 

Personally, for me, I like to take large sips from my triple shot, soy latte. But, my testing buddy (aka husband), enjoys smaller sips. With this in mind, I explored the idea of offering two lid types for the travel mug. 

A leakproof flip lid allows for the larger sips, but the flap can also be left open if you want your hot brew to cool down slightly quicker. When closing the lid, there is a click feature which tells you when the lid is firmly closed.  

Alternatively, there are the 360-degree style lids. Perfect for smaller sips but can also be drunk from any direction, making it perfect for time when you need to concentrate on what you’re doing (like driving a car). The top part acts as a button so when you push it in, this opens to allow for your warm delicious contents to flow through. Make sure you push the button again to close the valve.

Just like anything, it’s all down to personal preference. Choose a lid which suits your style or you could alternate between the two.

Check out the Moon Travel Mug, where both flip and 360-degree lid types are available.

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