Can I Take a Metal Water Bottle on a Plane?

Remember travel? Before Covid hit, this question was one of the most common things we were asked. Everyone knows the feeling of standing at security and not being sure whether you can take something in your equipment through the X-Ray scanner. 

The good news is that Moon Bottles are safe to take on any airplane. There’s just one small catch - make sure you check if you’re allowed to take the liquid itself through security. Each airline tends to have different rules for travelling with liquid so ask before it’s too late. We wouldn’t want your prized possession sitting sadly in the rubbish!

It's recommended to take H2O only in your MB, because other liquids can damage the inner lining if left for too long. Don’t forget to fill up before you board. This is far cheaper than buying overpriced bottles over the counter. Fingers crossed we’ll be hopping between countries sometime soon! 

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