Forget Black Friday - Let's Celebrate Green Friday!

Everyone loves a discount, the satisfaction of not paying full price feels like you've won a special competition where the prize is more cash in your wallet.

But what if you could get the same thrill not from what you spend but what you give back? You can probably see where this is going...

With Black Friday set for November 26th, many savvy consumers and conscious companies are starting to question the effects this consumer frenzy has on the planet. After all, who really needs another flat-screen TV or a pair of overpriced trainers?

People are consuming more thoughtfully and asking the tough questions - Where are these products made? What are the working conditions of the people employed? Not to mention questioning what we can do about the empty packaging that covers landfills across the world. Over the past couple of years, a counter-movement has been looming.

Have you heard of Green Friday? If you haven't, you won’t be the only one. This fresh initiative appeared in 2015 and has gained popularity as it promotes savvy spending and sustainable living. Green Friday challenges us to think about how we could be better spend our money, and our time instead of cramming shoulder to shoulder in the shopping centre or mindlessly browsing Amazon deals.

So how do we spend Green Friday here at Moon?

I make a point of doing meaningful everyday things and sharing with others for inspiration. Let's take a break from the consumer treadmill.

Here are a couple of key ways that I'll consciously spend my time during the upcoming weekend:

  • Reconnecting with family and friends who do not live close by. Even if I just send a quick text to let them know I’m thinking of them.
  • Taking some "me" time. I’m desperate to finish a book I keep falling asleep to, so that will be on the cards, along with a bit of yoga and doing some crossword puzzles.
  • Donating to worthwhile causes instead of unthinkingly sending my money elsewhere. "Vote with your wallet" as they say. I like to align my values with businesses (like Moon) that give back and work towards reducing their carbon footprint.
  • I'll dedicate some time over this weekend to promote, donate or purchase something from ethical businesses.
  • Hanging out with family - This is one activity you can never spend enough time on. My go-to exercise is finding the young one a park to play in or taking them for a bike ride. Wouldn't it be nice to spend Green Friday somewhere green like a park?
  • If the weather is miserable, I'll visit family or friends (bonus points if they too have children).
  • I might also sit in a local cafe and keep our 18-month-old occupied with food. Try to keep things plastic-free for a bonus point this Green Friday weekend!
  • How about a little baking? I might know a good recipe or two.

Pro-Tip: How about taking the 25-50% we might save on sales, and spending the equivalent on a charity that gives back to the planet?

While it can tough to resist a big discount, most of us buy more than what we need anyway. Let's spend at least one weekend a year consciously not overspending. Maybe this will help form new habits and change our approach to what we purchase in the future.

Here at Moon, we'll also be turning Black Friday Green by doubling our environmental impact pledges over the entire weekend. Moon will plant 10 mangrove trees for every item you purchase, rather than our usual five, thanks to our eco-partners Verdn. More info here.

What are your plans for this upcoming Green Friday?

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