Introducing... The Moon Lunch Bag

In case you missed it, we've added a new member to our eco-friendly family. Here's an introduction to our lunch bags and why we think they're something special 

I love my food and the thought of sitting down to enjoy a tasty sandwich brings me joy (I know, I need a life). I can also be quite stingy when it comes to buying meals. I'd much rather wake up five minutes earlier to prepare something than fork out £8 for a "rustic" salad. 

Unfortunately, this sometimes means I've ruined my lunch while commuting to work. Warm salads or soggy sandwiches left in your bag are depressing, and a bit gross. 

This got me thinking about the lunch bag I used to bring to school. One thing led to another and I figured - why not create a modern take on the trusty tote, which could be used by all? 

After much testing, multiple redesigns and many moons spent tinkering with the extra features, we came up with the lunch bag you'll find proudly perched on our website

This clever case transports food and beverages wherever you go. It packs extra features including a side pocket for your (Moon) bottle, outside pockets, and adjustable handles to carry it on your shoulder or by hand. We brainstormed how to get the most out of a reusable bag, and what other products might be missing. More details here. 

The lunch bag comes in colours and sizes for men, boys, girls, women, you name it. Most importantly, the insulated walls keep your food hot or cool whilst on the move. No more plastic lunch boxes, and most importantly, no more lukewarm food. It sounds like a winner to us.  

If you smart readers can think of a way we can further improve our latest invention, we’re all ears. Let us know in the comments because we read each one!

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