Moon Family FAQ #10 - What Size Moon Bottle is Best For Me?

How do you know which vessel is best suited to your lifestyle? What is each bottle good for? Never fear, we’ve got some answers. 

Personally, for me, I like to have a Moon Bottle in every size to suit every occasion. But then again I am the owner so I might just be a little spoiled for choice! Alternatively, you can have a wee look at the list below to see which size works for you. 

As always, let us know if you’ve discovered any unique uses for your own MB, and maybe we’ll write a little something on it -

Mini Moon - 260ml

A nifty pocket rocket. Small, but solid. Our Mini Moon is definitely the baby of the bunch. Here’s what you can use yours for:   

  • A little bottle for the little ones in your family
  • Fits nicely in your handbag or bum-bag
  • Transport some key liquids during outdoor exercise when you don’t have a lot of storage
  • Slowly sipping tea
  • Coffee pleasures
  • Warm Chai
  • Delicious Hot Choccy (especially if you don’t trust your portion control!)
  • Carting around chilled milk for brekky at work/school
  • Hot water to heat a baby’s bottle
  • Mini hydration sips while shopping
  • Fits nicely in cup holders (car and/or pram)

Moon Classic - 500ml

Also known as the “Modest Moon,” this one’s our all-rounder. You can’t go wrong with the classic.  

  • Everyday bottle at school, home or work
  • Keep your gym smoothie or vitamin boost nicely chilled 
  • Fits comfortably on the side of any backpack
  • Good for short walks
  • Ideal for taking to the beach
  • Great plane travel companion
  • Moderate bike rides
  • Likes to live on your bedside for night-time sips
  • Sweet Yoga flow or Pilates core workout
  • Festival friend (whether staying hydrated or cleaning hands when there are no taps in sight!) 

Mega Moon - 750ml

The big boy. This is for when you need some serious hydration and don’t want to be stuck without those necessary liquids. 

  • Keeping hydrated at the gym
  • Long hikes or camping trips
  • Upping your water consumption while at home
  • Office bud - makes a nice desk companion and saves regular trips to the tap
  • Stay hydrated during long pram walks, park strolls etc
  • Lengthy bus rides or car journeys 
  • During an epic Yoga/Pilates session
  • Grab it straight out of the sauna 
  • Picnic pal, especially if you want to take a bottle of wine. Just remember to wash it out!

Got any more to add to the list? Give us a shout and let us know.

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