Moon Family FAQ #4 - The How, What and Why Of Personalising Your Bottle

Firstly, why should you opt for a personalised bottle? 

The answer is simple. In today’s climate, we want to avoid spreading our germs. What better way to ensure we don’t share bacteria than by decorating your own drink bottle. You’ll own for longer and no one will accidentally pick it up. That’s a win/win in our books.  

How do we personalise your Moon Bottle so it’s unique to you?

We’ve scouted a premium UK etcher to help add a little personality to your container. By using a high-precision laser machine, your MB will be left with a slick metallic finish which will show off your engraved name. 

To match our logo, we laser engrave each bottle so your chosen message appears on the opposite side of our graphic. There are currently three sizing options, including small, medium and large. Make sure you preview your font option before clicking the ‘add to cart’ button. 

How long before I receive my nifty personalised Moon Bottle?

Obviously this can depend on when you place your order. Upon checkout, you will receive a small message about approximate delivery time and will be emailed a tracking number once your Moon Bottle has been personalised and sent.

Why do you use a laser for you customised water bottles?

To live up to our promise of providing reusable products that last forever, we need any customised text to also last forever. Whereas other print styles may remove over time, a laser logo is forever.

Is my personalised water bottle suitable as a gift?

Absolutely. Each personalised water bottle comes supplied in one of our gift packaging boxes, so makes a great present for that special someone. A personalised Moon Bottle with a lifetime guarantee, what a cool gift idea!!

Have any questions reading your Moon product? Share your suggestions with us, we'd love to hear about them!!

Our Moon mission is to promote the use of reusable products to help improve the health of the planet and everyone on it. You can join the reusable revolution by purchasing a Moon Reusable product here


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