Moon Family FAQ #3 - Where are Moon Bottles made?

We’re an independently run business and like to be as transparent as possible with those who are kind enough to invest in our products. Owner Lynette is passionate about running a company which has a positive impact on the environment. (See our Moon Mission here). 

We’re a UK founded company, and also spend some of our time in Australia while Lynette visits her family. Our personalisation service is also UK-based with a local etcher who customises our bottles for us. We also use a British web design company to help us spread our message and even borrow Lynette’s in-law's garage to help retain leftover stock that our warehouse cannot hold.

The bottles are promoted, re-packaged and posted locally in the UK. The bottles themselves are manufactured in China. 

Currently, in order to spread the word about reusable bottles, we need to keep our products affordable without degrading the quality (this is why we can offer a lifetime guarantee). Naturally, we would love to manufacture the Moon Bottles in the UK and this is a future goal of ours as the company grows. In the meantime, we intend to collaborate with as many UK businesses and customers to help spread the message about quality reusable products that will last forever.   

Have any questions reading your Moon product? Share your suggestions with us, we'd love to hear about them!!

Our Moon mission is to promote the use of reusable products to help improve the health of the planet and everyone on it. You can join the reusable revolution by purchasing a Moon Reusable product here

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