Moon Family FAQ #8 - What Can I Store In My Moon Bottle?


Short answer - yes! 

But remember... give your Moon Bottle a thorough scrub, preferably with hot soapy H2O (or bicarb soda) after storing your favourite tipple in it. Let the vessel dry completely and put it upside down to get rid of every last drop. 

We suggest giving the item a deep clean because leaving booze inside for too long can cause gas from fermenting alcohol to slowly damage it.

Fizzy drinks?

We all love a bubbly summer drink, but is it safe to store a carbonated bev’ in our Moon Bottle?

It’s actually not advised to fill vacuum seal containers with fizzy liquids as the lid could forcibly pop off. However, I have filled my mini Moon Bottle with sparkling water before and it was fine. So, if you do decide to do this, just take care when opening the lid. I recommend exercising a good deal of caution and using a firm grip to open it slowly with your hand covering the entire lid.

Milk? Orange Juice? Flavoured Ice-Tea? Soup?

Want lovely, chilled milk to add to your hot cuppa after a long hike? Then your Moon Bottle is the perfect companion. Alternatively, the hot frothy kind works nicely also. 

How about a little bit of OJ during your picnic or a warm, comforting soup? Yep, these are good too.

As always, if you are going to store milk or other concoctions in your Moon Bottle, we recommend giving it a proper clean with hot, soapy water or bicarb soda and let it dry completely, along with the lid. 

To keep your container alive until old age, we advise against storing any flavoured beverage for longer than 24 hours. The organic materials can potentially damage the inside lining. Your Moon Bottle is a highly specialized and useful product, but like the rest of us, it can be a sensitive little thing too!

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