Moon Family FAQ #9 - Are Moon Bottles Really 100% Leak-Proof?

Who needs a flimsy, low-quality plastic bottle? Not us! 

Each Moon Bottle lid is custom-fitted to the size of your vessel, which keeps it nice and airtight. So yep, in short, they are 100% leak proof. Pretty cool huh?

This means they’re safe to carry in your bag as long as they’re screwed tightly. Best to keep them upright just to be doubly sure as well. No likes a wet laptop. In case you’re ever in need, we sell spare lids as well. 

If your Moon Bottle does happen to leak, there could be an issue with the silicon seal located at the base of the lid. This doesn’t happen often, but if by slim chance the seal is missing or damaged, give us a shout by emailing us at:

We’ll be sure to sort you out a new one as soon as possible.  

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