Moon Lunch Bags - How They Work and Why We Love Them

Remember the lunches you got when you were a kid? The classic lunchbox was filled with neatly arranged sandwiches, fruit slices and muesli bars. Even though the boxes were extra sturdy (and great to use as a mini seat), you still had to use a bit of cling-film to wrap sandwiches and keep them fresh. Unlike the retro plastic box or brown paper bag, Moon lunch bags are insulated to keep your food fresh with no extra wrapping needed. 

Our eco-bags are perfect for retaining heat and preserving cool freshness due to the way they have been lined. The inner layer is made of aluminium foil which helps to prevent heat from seeping into the outer layer, and both cold or heat from reaching the inner contents. This means transporting homemade lunches, delicious picnic items or essential baby food is super easy. 

The outer layer also contains oxford cloth fabric, which is waterproof and heat reflective. This means the bag doesn't absorb heat, but rather reflects it away from your precious food. Smart huh? 

But how long will your contents stay warm/cool for? There’s no exact answer here. It really depends on how you use the bag. Mostly, there are two factors involved:

  1. The temperature outside.
  2. Whether a heat or cold pack has been used.

It's always wise to add a heat or cold gel pack to your Moon lunch bag as this ensures the contents stay warm/cold for even longer. We even included an additional inside pocket to keep it in. 

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